At von Adelung Wealth Management we take a different approach to insurance. We believe that insurance should bring you peace of mind, not a financial burden.
There are many types of insurance each with many options and benefits. The most well-known are medical and life insurance. Often an insurance company may try to sell the product that is best for them, not necessarily the best for you.

We take a different approach. We find out your exact situation and needs. We then take the time informing you what is available, its benefits and problems.

We then work with you in deciding which products will fit your needs. On this we differ from most. We also keep in mind the bigger goal of achieving financial independence.

Insurance Services


Life insurance has many uses for example it can be used to replace lost income, pay estate taxes or as a tax-free supplemental retirement income source.


Annuities are designed to be a reliable means of securing a steady cash flow for individuals during their retirement years.


Health insurance is a tool used to provide income against loss due to illness or bodily injury. It can be purchased directly by an individual, or it may be provided through a group plan.


Business Overhead Expense Insurance provides coverage in case the owner of a business is disabled. It will pay his/her operating expenses during the period of disability so the business can continue to function.