by Gray von Adelung

For many years I have been a buyer of precious metals (gold and silver).

In 2008, having gold and silver as a portion of my clients’ portfolio helped stem losses and brought sanity to many of my clients. I have been increasing percentages in gold and silver in all my accounts.

I believe the writing is on the wall. We know two things: something is awfully wrong and we are going about it down the wrong road!

Here are some main reasons to own gold and silver:

  1. World debt is out of control and getting worse. The U.S. debt alone is twelve trillion dollars and increasing 3.85 billion per day!*
  2. Inflation will come roaring back at some point. Historically, gold and silver has been a hedge on inflation.*
  3. Governments can print endless money, but they cannot increase the supply of gold and silver.
  4. Gold and silver have intrinsic value and have never been worth zero!*
  5. Gold is a time-honored global monetary asset.*
  6. A very large, well known, insurance company just bought 400 million in gold. They have not owned gold for 152 years!*

I am a fully licensed and registered Investment Advisor. My clients’ accounts are generally housed at Schwab; where I receive fees for my services.

Please contact me if you need help or if you have any questions. The best way to reach me is (800) 506-3302.

Best Regards,

Gray von Adelung


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