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Doomsday Insurance – Protect your ASSets with a Proven Hedge Against a Clueless FED



There has never been a better time to shore up your assets using a time-honored investment: Gold. With a clueless central bank using run-away money printing and absurd interest rates, our country is at the precipice of a massive devaluation of the dollar. Before it’s too late, hedge your assets with our well diversified Gold Strategy.

We’re Making History, In a Bad Way


Leading economists admit that they have NO CLUE¹ as to what is happening with the global economy.

  • Interest rates have NEVER been forced this low, not EVER².
  • Our country has NEVER had so much DEBT.
  • There have NEVER been so many dollars created out of thin air and pumped into circulation.
  • In addition, the stock market has NEVER been higher, not in 2000 or in 2008. And while the stock market climbs higher, company earnings are falling lower.
  • Even more scary, the bond market bubble is the largest bubble ever seen.

Is this the type of environment you want to invest in? Please answer with a resoundingly loud and disgusted “NO!” This is why you MUST buy into our Gold Strategy, before it’s too late!


Gold – The Only Real Currency

Gold is the only form of currency that is widely accepted throughout the world without regard to borders or nationality. This has been true throughout the entirety of civilized man. There is INTRINSIC value in gold and other precious metals because they are rare and useful. Where the value of money is only backed by confidence in the government that prints it, gold’s value exist entirely on its own.

To illustrate its intrinsic value, ask yourself this question: if you were about to walk into a time machine that was going to transport you 500 years into the future, and before you walked on you had the choice of either an ounce of gold or $2,000, which would you take?

Get involved with gold NOW before the price soars. Invest in our Gold Strategy to protect future value of your assets.

Supply and Demand, It’s Fundamental

Global demand for gold has significantly outpaced mining output for many years. This is due to its usefulness in jewelry and electronics, not to mention the governments of the world cannot seem to get enough.

The largest buyer of gold today is unequivocally China. They have accelerated the buying of gold to an incredible 992 tons in 2015 alone (estimated figure)³. The US government has the world’s largest reserve of gold, sitting around 8,000 TONS.

You have to ask yourself the basic economic question, “If demand for gold is outpacing supply and demand is only increasing year after year, what is going to happen to the price?” The answer is obviously that it is going to go up!

The future value of gold if secure, despite the heavy criticism that “gold bugs” or gold investors receive from “intelligent” economists and stock market analysts. The above facts are irrefutable. One cannot deny the long history gold has had as the king of all currencies and the equation of increasing demand and shortened supply.

Before the destructive monetary policies that the “intelligent” economists have created tear down the value of currencies around the world, HEDGE you assets by getting more information about von Adelung”s Gold Strategy.

Our Gold Strategy?

Here’s an irritating, little known secret about investing in gold: when gold is good, gold stocks are great.

It doesn’t do to simply buy physical gold, bury it in a field and wait. That is a lazy way to “invest” in gold. And while it is smart to do that with some of your assets, the person who does this is really limited to where gold prices go. The smarter way is to invest in GOLD COMPANIES.

“But if it’s not in my hand, then I don’t own it,” some hardcore survivalists will say. “What happens when the stock market goes away and i’m left with a bunch of shares that aren’t worth anything?”

This person is trying to protect themselves for when the sky is falling and life as we know it is collapsing. The government has disbanded, the stock market (or any market for that matter) is toast, and bandits run rampant. In this scenario, society’s idea of what an assist is will dramatically change. Recent history has shown us that even gold would become worthless, and something useful like lighters would become dear. In other words. there’ll be other things to worry about than gold.

This is why we’ve come up with our Gold Strategy. We intelligently invest in various gold companies that find it, mine it and/or store it. These companies make money even when the price of gold is stable. And when the price goes up, they really rake it in.

Fill out the form now to find out more about our gold strategy and get a free consultation to see if this is for you. You’ll also receive a free report on the best way to buy PHYSICAL gold as well.


About von Adelung Wealth Management

A boutique investment firm established in Glendale, CA in 2005. The founder, Gray von Adelung, is a precious metals expert with over 29 years of successful investing. Since opening in 2005, we have attained an incredible 95% client retention rate. This is because over the years we have shown integrity, ethics and responsibility in investment management. In other words, we are TRUSTWORTHY.

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