The point is, we need a trustworthy CPA that we can collaborate with and send clients to.

Our clients mainly consist of medical professionals and business owners. Most of these clients need the professional guidance of a GOOD CPA. In fact, right now we have a client in Arizona that needs a good CPA and we DON’T HAVE ONE TO SEND HIM TO.

Obviously, a collaboration would mean that we work together. You of course need to know more about us. Here’s some information about von Adelung Wealth Management to sell you on it:

  • We service the Heck out of our clients. It’s one of our policies that we call all of our clients once EVERY QUARTER. Due to our incredible service we have won an above average client retention rate of 95%.
  • We bring over 29 years of experience to the table. This experience includes doing hundreds of retirement-focused financial plans. In fact, we have many clients who are living a successful retirement that we helped them orchestrate.
  • We’re a boutique wealth management firm that is licensed for all things financial. This allows us to service all clients on an individual basis ensuring that all recommendations are a perfect fit for that client’s needs, as opposed to a biased approach of only selling our one “thing”.
  • We are known by other professionals we work with to be very generous when it comes to referrals. Meaning, we will send our clients to those who send clients to us.

Besides being able to give and receive clients to each other, a cooperation offers the key benefit of being able to fully service the client. If they need a retirement specialist, you have one that you can trust to send them to. And vice versa, if one of our client’s need special tax treatment then we know who to send them to. The client gets better serviced which further increases client loyalty. This has been shown time and again.


If you fit the bill of a trustworthy CPA and desire a profitable collaboration with a professional wealth management company, please fill out the form to the right. If you’d rather skip that and just jump to the phones, then call us at 818-547-4822.


We were established in 2005. Gray Von Adelung, the founder, has provided hundreds of retirement-focused financial plans for over 18 years, and has been involved in the wealth management business for over 29 years.

Our client’s accounts are generally housed at Schwab where we receive fees for our services.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Von Adelung Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor. Securities offered through and Registered Representatives of Financial West Group, Member FINRA, SIPC, von Adelung Wealth Management and Financial West Group are non-affiliated entities.