Growth and Income Value Account

The Growth and Income Value Account looks for investments that all people need on a daily basis and which will pay income to your portfolio. We believe there is a better way for a more conservative portfolio to fare well in today’s financial environment. Through a unique investment mix, the account pursues an investment strategy that seeks to give you a good return in today’s turbulent markets.

Through a conservative, pragmatic investment mix, our Growth and Income Value Account seeks to provide you with consistent, above-average total returns in all economic and market areas. In pursuing this objective we feel a strong responsibility to moderate risk as much as possible to preserve capital.

With today’s very volatile markets, we seek to find discounted stocks and bonds that are selling at a better-than-average rate and that pay good dividend yields as well. We are looking for stocks that have been sold off due to market volatility or for no apparent reason, which show value to any investor.  However, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

In this account, patience is a virtue!