CPAs: Need Help for Your Clients with Their Retirement?

As a CPA, you probably do not want to spend all the time to do the research necessary to really be able to advise your clients on the most efficient retirement account to save your clients taxes. You’ve already got your hands full keeping up with changes in the tax code and the IRS. And yet, clients still ask you about help with tax savings and retirement accounts. So what do you do?

At von Adelung Wealth Management, we are retirement planning specialists, and we work with many CPAs who want to be able to refer their clients to a specialist who can competently and professionally advise them on their retirement needs. We are constantly educating ourselves on all types of retirement accounts, so that we can competently advise people on the most effective retirement accounts for their particular situation. Everybody’s different and everyone’s situation needs to be evaluated differently. That’s what we do and we love it.

It’s important that what we do and what the CPA does are coordinated, to get the best results for the client.

About von Adelung Wealth Management

I am a fully licensed and Registered Investment Advisor. My clients’ accounts are generally housed at Schwab; where I receive fees for my services. We are retirement planning specialists.

Unlike most retirement advisors, we meet with each of our clients every quarter. Service is our highest priority. And we have a great client retention rate.

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